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Rare Jaco Pastorius scores      (page 2)

Leadsheet of "Amelia", one of the earlyer Jaco compositions.  He performed this one with the "CC Riders". The song is featured on "portrait Of Jaco - The early Years", thanks to the amazing early Jaco recordings of Bob Bobbing.             

Here's a recording of the song "Amelia" by me, Sebastiaan Cornelissen - drums, and Rob van Bavel - rhodes:

Now print out the transcription above, plug in your bass and groove along with the same recording without the basstrack:


Leadsheet of Black Market, as performed by Weather Report on the album "8:30". Although there is a full transcription of Jaco's basspart available (“Jaco pastorius, The Greatest Jazz/fusion Bassplayer”), this transcription offers a leadsheet of it, with the melody written out.       


Leadsheet from Michel Colombier's "Dreamland" from the 1977 album "Michel Colombier". This beautiful tune is a fine example of the magic Jaco could bring to a track, playing the melody with his fretless.  


Piano arrangement of Jaco's "Forgotten Love", from Jaco's selftitled 1976 debut soloalbum. There is also a beatiful version featured on "Word of mouth revisited",  by the Jaco pastorius Bigband (conducted by Peter Graves) featuring Christian McBride on fretless bass.  


Full bigband transcription/arrangement from Jaco's "Domingo". Written for a typical bigband setting with 4 trumpets, 2 alt saxes, 2 tenors, 3 bones, 1 basstrombone and a rythm section consisting of drums, bass, piano and guitar. I tried to preserve the original voicings as much as I could, yet I've made some small changes: The score is written half a note lower than played on "The birthday concert". This is a huge reading advantage for hornplayers. For instance, the main theme of "Domingo" now has the key of Dm when transposed for tenorsax and trumpet, instead of D#m (6#, go figure). And it may also help a little for the incredible high notes the trumpetplayers have to produce during the special. May be played 8vb! The first horns background during the solo on "The birthday concert" are completely ad lib, in this arrangement I have written a new background for saxes. The total"overview" score for the conductor does not have a drums and guitar notation, they were written out seperately.

Here's the bassguitar score (remember this arrangement is sounding half a note lower than the version on "The birthday concert"). Some of Jaco's signature licks are also written out here.

Here's the piano score for this arrangement. Please contact me if you would like to obtain the individual transposed charts.