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Reviews “Go For It” & “Uturn”


Bass Musician Magazine June/July 2009

Review bij Damian Ernskine


This second release of Dutch bassman Frans Vollink's trio "One Spirit" is a fusion lovers delight! The compositions are challenging both harmonically and rhythmically (I'd love to see these charts!) and the playing is wonderful. I really enjoyed Frans' bass tone.. Very warm and supportive but with a clarity and attack that is perfect for this style of playing. Very much a group sound, the only hint that this may be the bassists project is the presence of slightly more bass solos than you might otherwise hear, but with Frans, I don't mind at all! He's a wonderful player. There are also a few guest appearances by Randy Brecker, Steve Hunt, Lalle Larsson, Rob van Bavel, Martin Verdonk & Martin Gort. (if you don't recognize some of those names, remember that this is a dutch release. There is a real treasure trove of phenomenal players over there that sadly never get mentioned or heard in the states. Google these guys!)
While fusion is inherently "Music for Musicians", I found a broad appeal in this music. It flows beautifully and the playing is stellar while remaining easy to listen to. Great release!

Gitarre & Bass July 2009, German Magazine:


Fusion-Jazz der virtuosen Sorte spielt das niederländische Trio One Spirit, bestehend aus Richard Hallebeek (g), Sebastiaan Cornelissen (dr) und Frans Vollink (b). Schon sehr überzeugend, wie eng diese drei auf ihrem zweiten Album ,Go For It‘ zusammen grooven, dann wieder ausbrechen in freiere Parts, die jeder einzelne der Musiker mit filigranen und virtuosen Beiträgen lebendig ausfüllt. Zu diversen hochkarätigen Gastmusikern an Keyboards, Piano und Percussion, die den Trio-Sound bereichern, gehört auch Trompeter Randy Brecker. Beeindruckend bleibt im Ohr die Bass-Arbeit von Frans Vollink hängen, der mit druckvollem rundem Ton überzeugt und sehr virtuos als Solist wie auch als Begleiter agiert. Am



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